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Universal Remote Control For LG Smart 3D LED LCD HDTV TV APPS

Universal Remote Control For LG Smart 3D LED LCD HDTV TV APPS
Brand :Brand: Splinktech
Stock : Due Jan 2020
Price:£1.26 Exc VAT
Price:£1.51 Inc VAT
  • New Replacement Remote Control, but function same as original. 
  • No Programming and Manual Needed.
  • Perfectly Replace your Broken or Old One.
Compatible with below LG TV Models:
47LV5500, 55LV5500, 32LW5700, 42LW5700, 42LV5500, 32LV5500 47LW5700, 47LW9500, 55LW9500, 47LZ9600, 55LZ9600 

72LZ9700, 50PZ570B, 55LD520, 55LD650, 42LD450-UA, 19LD350 22LD350, 32LD350-UB, 19LD350UB, 22LD350UB 

22LE5300UE, 26LD350CUA, 26LD350UB, 26LE5300UE, 32LD450UA 32LD520, 32LD520UA, 32LE5300UC, 37LD450UA 

37LE5300UC, 42LD520UA, 47LD450UA, 47LD520UA, 55LD520UA 55LD250, 26LD350C, 42LE5300, 26LD320H, 60PZ570B 

50PZ950B, 60PZ950B, 22LK330, 22LV2530, 26LK330, 26LV2530 32LK330, 32LK450, 32LV2530, 32LV3300, 32LV355C 

42LK450, 42LV355C, 47LV3500, 47LV355C, 55LV355H, 47LC452C AKB72915244, 47LW5700, 22LE5300, 26LD350, 26LE5300 

32LD350, 32LD450, 32LE5300, 37LD450, 37LE5300, 42LD450, 42LD520 47LD450, 47LD520 

  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Function: Remote control
  • Battery: 2 x AA batteries (not included)
Package Contents:  
Universal Replacement Remote Control For LG TV

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