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Locaso Fitness 2 in 1 Foam Roller Exercise With Massage Ball and Carry Bag

Locaso Fitness 2 in 1 Foam Roller Exercise With Massage Ball and Carry Bag
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Multiple Body Parts Exercise: 2 in 1 foam roller with specially designed firm and bumps to gently massage muscles. Use for multiple areas including lower, upper back, neck, calves, shins quads, hamstrings, delts and chest. Economical and versatile exercise tool. Erodes trigger points. Helps to restore flexibility. Quick relief for muscular pain and discomfort.

Faster Muscle Recovery:  This sports foam rollers set will reduce your recovery process by half and give you more time to focus on your training. Our massage roller is Ideal for the release of tight muscle, to prevent soreness and reduce inflammation in your body. The muscle roller will remove the stress from your body and make you feel stronger and healthier like you've ever been before. 

Great Substitute for Sports Massage: Do not have time to head to a professional, or just self-conscious about the idea? Our foam roller will provide the same benefits as a sports massage and can help ease the pain of shin splints and inflammation while also loosening knots. Suitable for physical therapy: great tool for strengthening post-injury weakened muscles, yoga, Pilates and Cross Fit

Three-In-One-Set: Use the trigger point roller to get right into the deepest muscles in your body, while the soft roller makes for a truly relaxing stretch. Our massage ball is ideal for getting to the smaller parts of your body, such as the balls of your feet. Improves blood flow and circulation to aid injury recovery, reduce pain and inflammation. This travel foam roller kit comes with a free carrying bag that makes it easy to transport to the gym or any place needed

2 in 1 foam roller: 14*33cm 
Massage ball: 9.5cm
Trigger Point Roller Colour: Black
Foam Roller Colour: Light Red
Massage Ball Colour: Red

Package Content:
2 in 1 Yoga Foam Roller
1 Red Massage Ball

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