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Thermostatic Angled Radiator Valves (Modern Chrome

Thermostatic Angled Radiator Valves (Modern Chrome
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Thermostatic Angled Radiator Valves (Modern Chrome)

Installation Note

Puttingthe temperature control valve installed at the entrance of the water tube ofthe radiator valve through connecting screw thread. (The direction of stream isin concord with valve body’s arrowhead.)
Thetemperature control valve should be installed horizontally.
Toensure the temperature in the room exactly, we should avoid strong lights wheninstalled; and not to be covered by curtain or furniture.

The use of “*” mark
When going outside or ventilate the room,you can turn the number on the “*”. It can keep the room at a certaintemperature and prevent anti-freeze.

  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves are used for regulating the liquid flow to the radiators heating systems.
  • Includes a regulating element which automatically controls the opening of the valve to keep uniform ambient temperature of the room.
  • Thermostatic Chromed Head with Liquid Sensor.
  • Convenient to set and lock a degree oftemperature
  • Includes Radiator Angled Valve (DN15) & Manual Angle Valve (DN15).
  • Polished Chrome Finished.
  • Should keep the shell of thermostaticradiator valve clean and ventilated. The shell should be clean with the softliquid, not the alcohol or bleach liquid
  • Material: ABS, Brass
  • Weight With Packing: 495gms
  • Weight Without Packing: 470gms
  • Item Packing Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 6.7cm
  • 1x Thermostatic Angled & Manual Angled Radiator Valves
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