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High Quality Camera Single Shoulder Black Belt Strap Sling SLR DSLR Cameras

High Quality Camera Single Shoulder Black Belt Strap Sling SLR DSLR Cameras
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This Camera Strap constructed ofballistic nylon for extreme durability, design for outdoor photo shooting job.The Elastic Neoprene shoulder pad will fit for your shoulders perfectly andanti-slip strap will make you feel more comfortable. Perfect design and shapereduces pressure when carrying DSLR cameras.
  • This Quick Release Strap is an accessorylight and very comfortable that balance the weight of the camera on theshoulders and torso, the SLR will suspend at the hip
  • It has a quick, adjustable strap and apocket for storing memory cards or other accessories on the shoulder's pad ofthe strap
  • Concept system design with quick accessto the SLR without moving the straps
  • Grab the camera quickly as the clipslides along the belt
  • With tripod screw to the base plate,standard thread 1/4"
  • Plate made of Aluminium Metal,rubberized surface and with one eyelet
  • Distributes overall weight of DSLR evenlyacross your shoulder
  • Allows you to quickly reach your cameraand shoot in a pinch while the shoulder pad stays in the same position
  • Comes with a quick release screw whichsecurely connects your camera and the strap
  • Bumper / Buckle on the strap prevents camerafrom swinging back
  • High quality Adjustable Length Nylon Material,extremely durable
  • Total Length of Strap: 130cm (51 Inches)
  • Width of Shoulder Strap: 7cm
  • Material: Nylon and Aluminium
  • Color: Black

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Rapid Camera Single Shoulder Black Belt Strap For SLR DSLR Camera

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