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4 USB Power Supply Step Down Module

4 USB Power Supply Step Down Module
Brand :Brand: Pluscom
Stock : 1100pcs
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4 USB Power Supply Step Down Module.
  • All equipment for 5v, appliances within 25 watts, such as MP3, MP4, MP5, cell phone, tablet, navigation.
  • Vehicle traveling data recorder, and a Bluetooth device, can use at the same time,also be used on the LED power supply.
  • The power connect between the cathode and anode, input is completed.
  • Used for all kinds of electrical appliances.
  • USB socket provide standard 5 Volts directly.
  • USB plug in the USB socket.
  • Compatible A5268 chip and is the only safe and efficient.
  • A5268 chip protection mechanism, the output voltage is zero.
  • Efficient, synchronous rectifier way, efficiency is as high as 94% above.
  • All copper plate and excellent performance, four USB is all of brass.
  • Name: USB Step-down Power Supply
  • Material: A5268 chip and copper
  • Dimensions: 37 x 47 x 18mm
  • Current: 5Amp maximum
  • 1x 4 USB Power Supply Step Down Module.
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